C&T 1969 :Ford Mustang Mach 1 428 Cobra Jet Road Test

Many thanks to MIRADART, for his willingness to share his collection with all of us, it was a tremendous effort on his behalf, not to mention the Alberta to Seattle flight the vids had to make! www.youtube.com Please keep comments to the content of the video. Comment about the video quality, and find your comment removed.

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25 Responses to “C&T 1969 :Ford Mustang Mach 1 428 Cobra Jet Road Test”

  1. gaspump Says:

    I love these classic reviews. An era where every man wore a suit (and maybe a hat). But the music… every one of these 60-70s car reviews. Creeps me waaaaay out. I can only guess it’s the instrumentation choice coupled with distortion of age… nightmare fodder…

  2. Kingsoupturbo Says:

    Bud is the man! “a 4-wheel drift as smooth as homemade ice-cream” hells yeah!

  3. idontlikecops1 Says:

    0-60 in 5.9 in 1969 danm! thats fast nowadays

  4. AutoRestoMod Says:

    Love the b pillar lead work on a press car. Just goes to show you how little went into the cars. Also note the gold interior treatment. And check out the gansta lean on the body when she goes around corners.

  5. Goodyfor4 Says:

    “That scoop is not part of the hood.  Instead, it’s anchored right to the carb and sucks big chunks of atmosphere right down the throats of that four-barrel atomizer. And right underneath that windtunnel is the four hundred twenty-eight cubic-inch knuckle-buster that makes it all happen.”

    Pure Poetry!

  6. 1989FordProbeGT Says:

    “This is no place for the jolly green giant” lol old car reviews are great

  7. seroyer2 Says:

    the center console is the lateral support, did anyone ever hear about side bolstering.

  8. BigXSmoke1 Says:

    lol “Big Chunks of Atmosphere”…. thats just fucking awesome

  9. hadabenz Says:

    Every Car Reviewers now, Should Speak Like him with that accent and should dress like him.. that would be pure awesomeness….

  10. mercmarc Says:

    Once again no quarter mile time.

  11. Ratmouth66 Says:

    0-60 in 5.9, damn, that puts some modern performers to shame haha

  12. DoveManufacturing Says:

    @mercmarc Only 13.5 quarter mile time because them skinny banana skin tires could not hook up.

  13. LAmonk76 Says:

    @Artyfil 445 ft lbs is a bit low. . the 429 in the ‘69 LTD test is 480 ft lbs. a 460 is over 520 ft lbs! the 428 was for speed, all others, pure torque.

  14. Artyfil Says:

    Damn, that’s more than most modern day pony cars! Must be one hell of a driving experience though… man I wish I could get the chance sometime to drive a sports/muscle car with over 500 lb ft of torque. :)

  15. LAmonk76 Says:

    @Artyfil it won’t be the same. these classic muscle cars were tuned for hi octane leaded fuels. ti was different back in the day. there are surviving examples of big block fun so, i hope you can some day. today’s “hi power” machines feel reserved.
    there is a lot missing, like the big thrust of mammoth low end torque!

  16. 100littlecurses Says:

    What the heck is a fandango?

  17. cabaneen Says:

    0-60 5.9 sec , the v6 2011 do that with 31 mpg . Just wonder if the ‘69 can only achieve 1/2 of that .

  18. canttouchmymopar Says:

    @cabaneen Probably because its carburated twice the cubic inch and it was 40 years ago

  19. SaturnV69 Says:

    “The second time out of the hole we really let it fly, it was like GETTING HIT WITH A CLUB”. That is is good statement too. Love those old school automotive journalist!!

  20. IRONSEAN7 Says:

    5.9 to 60 is GREAT for any car from the 60s on them shit ass pizza cutters,, this thing musta been awsome

  21. DreamJ2eaper Says:

    lol steering wheel looks like my golf carts steering wheel

  22. fiveltrdave Says:

    I sold my ‘69 Mach 1 428 SCJ 4 spd a few years ago, it is cool seeing these old vids! The stock tires were a huge limiting factory I am amazed they got a sub 6 second 0-60!

  23. seroyer2 Says:

    if a engine is making 445 lb-tq its making a lot more then 335hp. horsepower is nothing more then a by product of torque.

  24. seroyer2 Says:


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  25. IGotYourBack91 Says:

    calm down, this was over 40 years ago i would hope technology would improve.

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