1969 Ford Cobra 428 SCJ Drag Pack Muscle Car – Torino Fairlane Talladega Cyclone

I thought you’d like a look at this 1969 Ford Cobra. This particular car is equipped with a balance and blueprinted 428 Super Cobra Jet. It also has the drag pack with a four-speed tranny and 4.30 rear gears. It’s looking real tough in black on black and resembles Ford’s Nascars from the time. I hope you find it interesting, thanks for watching!

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25 Responses to “1969 Ford Cobra 428 SCJ Drag Pack Muscle Car – Torino Fairlane Talladega Cyclone”

  1. longhornrancher6 Says:

    My favorite Ford muscle car. would sure love to have one, kind of a sleeper. Love the black/black as well. More of a fan of the formal coupe body style though, gives it even more of a sleeper look, especially with dog dish hub caps.

  2. pulse0000 Says:

    So it was a mix of three or four cars?I always did like the Carol Shelby editions to ford.

  3. Ebiczebulanious Says:

    I had one of these It got 4 mpg and was a dog. Sold it for $1,200 in the late 70’s. You had to take a blow torch to cut out the weel wells to change the rear spark plus.

  4. BekkerOnGunsNHunting Says:


  5. groutaone Says:

    I didnt know about this car, its a new one for me, thanks Jeff

  6. zuel660 Says:

    This bodystyle was introduced in 1968 by Ford as the Fairlane/Torino, and by Mercury as the Montego/Cyclone. The ‘Cobra’ shown here is the performance package for the Fairlane, although Ford did not use Fairlane badging on them. Ford also produced the ‘Talladega’ version of these cars in 1969, which featured an extended nose and flush grille for use as a Nascar stock car in ‘69 & ‘70, until banned by Nascar.

  7. samspace81 Says:

    now thats cool! Gotta love factory drag pack cars. Was it devoid of power brakes and power steering for weight reduction? Radio delete? Love it!

  8. RamblinAround Says:

    @longhornrancher6 It really is an awesome machine. Thanks for checking it out!

  9. RamblinAround Says:

    @Firemind94 I’m glad to see a few modern cars starting to pick up on the retro styling. Cars were so boring for a while there.

  10. RamblinAround Says:

    @ROCKBANDVonAmp Thanks for checking it out!

  11. RamblinAround Says:

    @TransAMGTA1988 Thanks for watching!

  12. RamblinAround Says:

    @zuel660 Thanks for all the added info, I appreciate it! Thanks for watching!

  13. RamblinAround Says:

    @groutaone Thanks for checking it out my friend. You definitely don’t come across them very often.

  14. RamblinAround Says:

    @bisquik3006 Oh man, that’s painful that it got away from you like that. Sounds like it was a real beast. A dual quad Cobra Jet….doesn’t get much more bad ass than that.

  15. RamblinAround Says:

    @mbyr31 You’re right about the tire, but I figured I could overlook that in this case. It’s a pretty awesome machine. Thanks for taking a look.

  16. RamblinAround Says:

    @JohnAllanification You don’t come across too many of them. Thanks for having a look at it.

  17. RamblinAround Says:

    @azzarbprime Thanks for watching my friend.

  18. RamblinAround Says:

    @pulse0000 All I know is that it’s jam packed with the best parts Ford had available. Thanks for checking it out!

  19. RamblinAround Says:

    @BekkerOnGunsNHunting You got that right…thanks for having a look at it!

  20. nickmanji Says:

    This car is an amazing piece of ford history i would love to be able to take that car for a spin, the only thing that makes me sad is the flat tire. thanks for all the great vids keep them comming


    she’s a runner…love that black…thumbs up!!!

  22. ziggassedup Says:

    that’s a lot of car for 30g

  23. FatGuyWithAKatana Says:

    fast back torinos are my favorite fords ever yep. there was one for sale near my house once but it was so rusty i felt like superman with x ray vision. just don’t see spending enough money on a new car on a 40 something year old car but in order to get one that isn’t a turd for some reason you do. i think that bisquick guy has been mentioned by nutsarefancy too but i’m probably wrong.

  24. chrilla1980 Says:

    Ahh man exactly the same year as my 429 boss ;)
    It´s a real nice piece of art.

  25. 2LateIWon Says:

    wow that’s not a bad price either

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